Reviving long dead characters

The problem with bringing back Blackadder (as I’m sure many others will have noted by now) is  that the fourth series was  rounded off  with such a beautiful  finality that a fifth series would  just  feel surplus. It would just be a continuation of a story we all thought had ended ages ago, with all the characters being blown to pieces on the battlefields of the first world war. I remember my GCSE English teacher, Mr. Dale, talking about that final scene twenty years ago: it’s as if, in that last moment when Blackadder, Baldrick and co. leave the trench, the program  switches from comedy to tragedy. The music slowed, the shot faded to a field of poppies, and  it became a homage to so many dead young men.  To go back and  continue that story, especially after over thirty-five years, would probably feel rather misplaced.

If an author wrote a sequel to a bestselling novel after so long, you would probably accuse them of just wanting to make an easy few quid without going to the effort of creating anything original, and to be honest this kind  of smacks of the same thing. The entertainment world seems saturated with long running franchises at the moment; why not create new stuff rather than reviving characters  we all thought had had their time? Of course, there’s every chance another Blackadder series could rule (I’ve  been wrong about things like this before). Yet this feels like going over old ground which would perhaps be best left to history, especially given the finality, beauty and  seriousness of it’s last shot.

One thought on “Reviving long dead characters

  1. I agree with much of your sentiment and realise i sound like a miserable barstool when i say “is nothing sacred anymore!?”.

    Take Toy Story 4. As you said perfectly serviceable; it made me laugh, it pulled at my heart strings and was enjoyable enough. But it was totally unnecessary and unneeded. Toy Story 3 is THE perfect ending. The same could be said about the new Mary Poppins film. Enjoyable, but what the fuck was the point (MONEY YOU SIMPLE YORKSHIRE MAN!!).

    And who is the mark? Me. I keep handing over stirling. 75th Spider-man film. Take my money. Mary Poppins: More Meat in her than a Butchers Window. Take my money. Toy Story 8. Woody watches his now teenage owner endlessly masturbate into a sock, whilst watching porn on his ipad (the ipad has replaced Woody as favourite toy). TAKE MY MOTHA FUCKIN’ MONEY!!!!


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