In the nicest possible way

I write this in all seriousness and earnestness: when you have a situation where you have people who do not understand the issues at steak (and I mean genuinely don’t, such as the people discussed in this Independent article) shouldn’t something be done to intervene? I realise how problematic that notion might be, especially when it comes to people with learning difficulties and so on. But the old coots written about here clearly don’t have a clue what is at stake or what is going on, yet as members of the Tory  party, get a say in  all  our futures. For starters, they praise Boris as some kind of great Churchillian figure, completely oblivious  to the fact that  he’s nothing but an egotistical little p’tahk who would sell the country down the  river for his own benefit.

Brexit is an extremely  complex issue, but they see  it in very  simplistic, nationalistic terms. I can’t help thinking that someone should take these old dears to one side, sit them down and, in the nicest possible way, ask them to keep out of things. I don’t want to sound nasty or fascistic here, but the country is in a position where a limited number of mostly older people with obviously  quite limited understanding and world views, get to decide the country’s future, at a time when more is at stake than  has been for generations. Surely that cannot be sensible.

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