Bigotry is not the mark of an independent mind

Perhaps one of the worst things about Brexit is that it has given a green light for the worst, most idiotic views to be expressed. We now get all these loudmouth idiots like Farage in the media, saying all kinds of bigoted bollocks, and fools listening to them think they’re political rebels speaking repressed truths. Whereas a few years ago any form of bigotry was frowned upon, to some listeners, guys like Farage are breaking the bonds of oppressive political correctness. The utter knob Piers Morgan seems to see it as a way of getting attention, deliberately restyling himself into what he thinks is a figure of controversy, but mistaking hatefulness for rebellion. They seem not to realise that ideas like political correctness are designed to protect rights, guard against discrimination and ensure fairness. Instead, these right wing nutjobs on talk radio frame political correctness as something which holds people back, and by breaking its rules they’re being heroic rebels. The listeners then think it’s ok to spout all kinds of bigoted shit, thinking not that they’re being discriminatory or hurtful, but independent minds rebelling against a form of left-wing oppression. All of a sudden it has become heroic to spout all kinds of nastiness, and the more people object, the more in the right they feel.

This strikes me as very dangerous indeed. These fools would have their listeners believe that the whole of the mainstream media is some kind of clandestine mob intent on controlling our thoughts, and that by spewing the right-wing nonsense they do, they are valiantly rebelling against it. That, of course, is tripe, and these scumbags should just be seen as the hate-spewing bigots they are. The danger is, it will go too far, and people will start to mistakenly believe bigotry and discrimination are acceptable; hallmarks of independent minds rather than outdated stereotypes and simplicities rejected by wiser, more learned minds.  Unfortunately this is the stupidity the eu referendum has unleashed: the outists now think they have free rein to spew all kinds of obnoxious views, which they frame in the guise of fighting against politically correct oppression; and the sheep who don’t see these bigots for what they are will just emulate them.

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