Bumping into the Mighty Eights

Something rather splendid happened this afternoon. I headed over to Eltham again: I’ve been going there a lot recently, to try to get to know the area. The more I know it, the more at ease I’ll probably be once I move there. When I went there  a few days ago with John, we found a large park with a nice looking cafe. It was closed then, so today I thought I’d try  to find it again so I could sample the coffee. The weird thing is, I can’t for the life of me find that park. Today, though, I found something even better: Going down a road I hadn’t explored yet, I came across a cricket pitch called the Eltham Pavilion, and saw  that there was a match  being played. I assumed,  of course, that I wouldn’t know either of the teams, but I thought I’d stay to watch for a bit anyway. It was a nice looking ground with a great-looking pavilion.

However, I was wrong,  as, rolling up to the picnic tables at the boundary, who else should I recognise but James and the Blackheath Mighty Eights – the very team I usually watch in Charlton Park. I think my mate James was as surprised to see me rolling up to him as I was to see him, but it was an amazing, awesome moment. I love how these little coincidences seem to happen in this city quite regularly, although the team is part of a South-East London league, I suppose it wasn’t so far fetched. Either way, it was a great moment, and I spent the next hour or so watching some splendid cricket, before catching the bus home.

As for the  cricket pitch, I think I’ll definitely be going there again.

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