Will Picard reference the Ahab scene?

The web is now predictably rife with rumours and speculation about the return of Captain Picard to star Trek. I don’t think I’m alone in being very, very excited about it. As I think I’ve said on here before, my eagerness to see this series probably outweighs my excitement to see James Bond appear at the Olympics or the return of Monty Python in 2014, truly phenomenal though both were. As you can imagine, every trekkie there ever was is hanging onto every morsel of information they can get. There is quite a lot out there, including the news that Riker himself, Johnathan Frakes, has already directed a couple of episodes.

Perhaps the news that interests me most, though, is the pretty firm info that the characters Hugh and Seven of Nine will both be reprising their roles for the programme. Both characters are Borg or former Borg, implying that the Borg feature heavily in this series. Picard has a complex dramatic relationship with the Borg, so can we infer from this casting that the new series will touch upon it? Given Johnathan Frakes’ involvement, could we see references to First Contact (1996), which Frakes directed, and even my beloved Ahab scene? That possibility really has me interested.

I could be completely wide of the mark here, of course, but having two recovered drones on the cast list would certainly imply that the theme of escaping from the collective will feature quite heavily in this series. If that is so, surely a reference to First Contact and the scene I spent so long writing about for my MA is pretty much inevitable. To see that, to see Picard mention that scene, even just once, would make my entire year.

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