Caroline Lucas has lost all semblance of credibility

I’ve never known exactly what to think of the Green Party: broadly speaking, I agree with the green, environmentally friendly agenda, but the party goes slightly too far for me to vote for. However, today it and it’s leader, Caroline Lucas, has lost all semblance of credibility they  ever had. She is talking bollocks about a  government of national unity made  up entirely of women to get the country out of the Brexit crisis, because, she says, women argue less between themselves.

Truth be told, I’ve never heard anything so idiotic: of course women argue! They are probably worse than men! Women can be as bitchy as fuck, and as deceitful and self-serving as any man. It’s obvious that Lucas is just saying this foolishness because it would give her, as a woman, a chance to be in government. Yet any sensible person can see it’s patently absurd: for one, it would mean a government  which discriminates according to gender, something completely out of place in any modern democracy.

Lucas’ ravings will obviously just be ignored. Yet I just worry that such tripe dents the credibility of those fighting Brexit. We are supposed to be the sensible, intelligent ones; When people like lucas spout shit like this,  it makes remainers look as nutty as the outists. When the public hear people like Lucas frame the case for a second referendum in such stupid term, they may start to think Brexit was a good idea after all. I thus hope Lucas just shuts the smeg up, and, like Farage, keeps her idiotic ideas to herself.

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