Rise of the outists?

It may be satirical, but this short Newsthump article posted in reaction to the beeb airing the first part of The Rise of The Nazis is worth a chuckle. Apparently, the outists  are getting all huffy and puffy because  they think the beeb might be taking a dig at them through it. It was, of course, an  excellent,  fascinating documentary timed to mark the anniversary of the beginning of World War Two, but you have to wonder  there is some truth behind the satire: this won’t  be the first time echoes of 1930s germany have been noted; it is very possible to see the airing of these programmes as a type of  warning. I can’t help feel that this article is making a valid point, as well as taking the piss out of Outists at the same time. And if they really are getting angry at the beeb over these shows, surely that  tells you something about them  too.

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