Undoing cuts they forced upon us

Anyone who can’t see all the money the tories suddenly  magicked out of thin air yesterday  to plough in to services they have cut so savagely until now as the electioneering gimmick it is, is obviously deceiving theirselves. I’m sorry  to go on about politics, but things really are getting stupid. After years  off cuts to vital services so their rich friends can pay less tax, with their backs to the wall, the tories try to distract voters by reversing some of the cuts they theirselves forced upon us, and trying to frame it as some kind of heroic act. Mind you, it tells us the tories know they’re up shit creek, or else they wouldn’t be trying to distract us: they know they’re responsible for utterly fucking up the country and are now trying to appease us by undoing their own  cuts. Surely that  tells us all we need to know about this bunch of p’tahks.

As for the idea of an election this autumn, I’m in two minds about it: part of me would loved to see Boris and the tories kicked out of office, but at the same time, perhaps they should be left to clean up the hideous mess they theirselves caused. Of course it is obviously a trap, though, as it means Johnson could simply change the date of Brexit in order to leave with no deal. And here again we see the duplicitousness of the scumbags we are dealing with.

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