Tyre Trouble

I was making my way to Eltham in my powerchair this afternoon to sort out a few things at my bank. I go there quite regularly these days because I want to get to know the area. I was going along quite happily, when all of a sudden my right tyre blew. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my tyres recently, and it’s getting irritating. The bang it made made me jump out  of my skin.

I was about to turn back and get  the bus straight back to Charlton, when I remembered seeing a small mobility shop on Eltham high street – perhaps they could help me out. It was worth asking. I headed straight for it, and then something awesome happened. Within ten minutes, my chair had a new tyre and innertube fitted, and I didn’t even have to get out  of my chair. The staff were so supportive and professional I was very impressed. What  could have turned into  a bit of a catastrophe was sorted within half an hour. I was so impressed (and relieved) that I thought it definitely worth a blog entry.

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