The man who totally screwed the country

The episode with Lee Ridley’s I’m Only In It For The Parking taught should have me never to say anything about books before I’ve actually read them, but I just came across this New Statesmen article about David CaMoron’s new attempt to justify himself in prose. How the man can possibly have the gall to  try  to absolve himself of responsibility for the catastrophic mess the country is currently in is beyond me. According to the article,  in the book the p’tahk tries to claim that a referendum on EU membership was inevitable, but we all know  he called it to resolve an internal Tory party  issue. The  country was perfectly happy in the European Union: any  moderately aware person  could tell leaving it  would be utterly stupid, and risking it in a vote would be complete folly. Yet CaMoron got cocky, chose to put his party interests before those of the country’s  and we all  have to pay the price. The imbecile can write all the books he likes, but it won’t change the fact that history will record CaMoran as the man  who totally screwed the country.

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