How will Brexit Impact people with disabilities? The Tories don’t care

I don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone. The Tories have admitted not considering the impact a no-deal Brexit will have on disabled people. From losing out on European funds  to losing access to potential  personal assistants from the EU, as usual those of us with disabilities stand to be the hardest hit by Brexit. But does the government give a toss? They haven’t even carried out the proper impact assessments! They are so concerned with achieving brexit, just so they can maintain the integrity of their party, that they let even the wellbeing of the citizens  of this country fall by the wayside. How deplorable can a government get? They can’t even guarantee than nobody will die as a result of brexit, but they still want to continue with it. Surely it is clear to any thinking person that they are utterly unfit to govern this or any other country,

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