Captain Ska

Perhaps the best thing I can do on here today is to direct everyone here, to the Captain Ska Youtube channel. I just came  across it, and was  instantly taken with it’s political yet catchy music. I better warn you, some of their songs will get stuck in your head. If you ask me, though, things like this are precisely what we need in terms of politics and culture: the tide of public  opinion is now quite firmly against brexit, and that tide is growing stronger every day. The problem  is, people on both sides of the argument are getting angrier and angrier, and I’ve started to see talk of a civil war being bandied about. I’m not sure how serious such talk is, but nobody wants to see this stupid little farce turn violent. It’s far better,  surely, to resolve this debate creatively, through art, which is why catchy little tunes  like ‘F**k Borris’ and ‘Nigel Farage is a Racist’ are certainly worth getting into.

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