The Lib Dems’ problematic promise

I’m not sure what to make of the Lib Dem’s new promise to cancel Brexit if they’re elected outright. As much as I passionately oppose Brexit, I worry that this move is just a stunt to get votes. The Liberal Democrats know how vehemently some people oppose Brexit, and think this promise will make such people vote for them. My worry is, it will end up splitting the remain vote, and the tories will end up winning the next election by default. Either that or it will backfire and they’ll end up losing votes: after all, I don’t think even the most hardened Remainer would be quite comfortable if Brexit was just cancelled without a second referendum. It would look completely undemocratic and only serve to enrage the Outists. As much as I would like to see Brexit stopped, I worry that pledging to do so just to win votes in an election is clearly a ploy which may well backfire badly.

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