Hooking Charlton Park up with Hebden Green

I had another of my random, crazy ideas this morning. I still like to help out at Charlton Park Academy, a local special school. Believe it or not, I’ve now been volunteering  there for nine years. Heading there this morning, I started to wonder about somehow putting them into contact with my  old special school in Winsford. I haven’t visited Hebden Green in over fifteen years, so it’s probably totally different to the place I  knew; but it seems to me there could be a lot of potential in introducing the schools to each other. Hebden always had a strong communication and AAC focus, something I doubt it will have lost. If that is so, think what both schools could  organise together. As well as that, imagine  what they could generate artistically.

Of course this is just another of my off-the-wall ideas; nothing may come of it,  although Caroline, the lady I work with at school, seemed quite  keen on the idea. I suppose part of me is looking for ways to hook my old world up  with my new one. Yet life has  taught me that there is always potential  for awesomeness.  In establishing links between two fairly unique schools on different sides of the country, who knows where we could end up or what could be created.

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