Contrasting atmospheres

You’re probably quite relieved that it has been a while since I wrote anything about the Olympics or the 2012 opening ceremony on here. That’s just as  well; the moment has passed. Yet I can’t help noticing  the stark contrast in the social atmosphere between then and now: just seven years  ago, the country, and London especially, felt abuzz with friendliness and warmth. We were one country working together  to put on the  world’s greatest show. Now look at  us: it’s frightening how divided we are, with one side  protesting against the other. Of course I’m not the first person to note how angry people are becoming. I get stupidly angry as an effect of my cerebral palsy, but everyone else seems to be becoming just as pissed off over Brexit, It’s as if nobody can abide anyone holding a contrary view any more. Massive protests are held by either side,   both viewing the other with something approaching white hot hatred, hurling  insults and abuse. Think back to  2012 and the contrast in the atmosphere really is chilling. More to the point, though, we should all be very worried about where this is heading.

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