Viewers vote to fire Piers Morgan

I think the most amusing thing I can link to today is this story  in the Metro. A poll ITV ran asking viewers whether Piers Morgan should be fired over his intolerant views has backfired spectacularly: they voted  by 58% to  say he should be fired. As you might guess, the dipshit is not happy, claiming that the poll was somehow hijacked by leftist snowflakes. If you ask me, though, that scumbag had no business being on TV in the first place: ITV wanted him to spout all that fascist bullshit merely to get attention and ratings. They wanted to tap into a sense of neglect felt by a certain minority, left behind and confused by modern liberal social trends. It’s exactly the same minority Farage and Trump pander to. By spouting all this bigoted shit,  they tell people it’s ok to be reactionary morons who don’t have to engage with or accept any form of culture other than their own; it lets them off the intellectual hook. Sucking up to intolerant halfwits may attract certain viewers, but it’s something which should  have no place on British TV, and I’ll be pissed off if ITV don’t do as the poll asks and fires the piece of shit.

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