Cheap con tricks by a cheap con artist

Have you noticed how, these days, Nigel Farage walks around in public flanked by two or three big heavy bodyguards? It’s  as if someone was out to get him, or  something. After ail, why would you need such protection if you weren’t an important political figure? Unless, of course, that was just an impression  that you wanted people to get…

The truth is, scumbag though he is, only a fool would want to hurt or assassinate farage, as it would just play into the hands of the far right.  By walking around with these bodyguards, though, Farage is trying to not only portray himself as far more important than he is, but also imply that his political adversaries – those of us on the left – are now so crazy and radicalised that we threaten his safety. It’s a cheap con trick by a cheap con artist. As you can read here, his grip on reality is increasingly tenuous; Farage is an egotistical prick with a greatly  overinflated idea of his own importance. If only the media stopped paying him any attention and left him to his vile, bigoted jabberings. But they don’t, and through little tricks like this Farage draws attention to himself, as if his baseless, uneducated views matter far more than they actually do.

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