How stupid does Johnson think we are

I should probably try to comment on last night’s  tv election  debate today, but I don’t think I can say much about it. While you can read a proper analysis of it here, all I  can really say about is that it was hideous. The amount of utter bullshit Johnson spouted made me shout at my computer so much that I almost gave myself a heart attack. What he  said  was so obviously untrue, repeating jingoistic nonsense ad nausiem, that it baffles me how the country can  even be contemplating electing this embarrassment to humanity or his party. Unfortunately I don’t think Corbyn did anywhere  near enough to call him up on it.

And if he really thinks that  getting Brexit done will  somehow heal the social divisions of the last three years, then he has lost all  grasp of reality. That’s the line which infuriates me most. He pretends he cares how angry people have got, yet tries to  tell us that carrying out the very thing we are pissed off about, which just happens to be  what he has wanted  all along, would somehow make us less angry. Just how stupid does this man think we are?

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