How can we be contemplating electing such vile people?

The intolerant xenophobic arseholes clearly exposed in  this Channel Four news story  last night surely have no place anywhere near the uk parliament. It staggers me how we, as a nation, can even be contemplating electing such vile people into our government. It staggers me even further that Nigel Farage has the audacity to then try to tell the  country that the bunch of violent criminals he calls his political party is open and tolerant, and not the breeding ground of xenophobia it was just shown to be. Yet here we are: in two days’ time these uneducated hatemongers have a chance of being elected and getting  their judgemental views enacted, all to appease the ego of a lying insult  to humanity. Farage apparently thinks himself superior  and born to rule, when in fact he is as qualified to govern as a housebrick and ought to be rotting in jail; he is a snakeoil salesman who would have the most sickening form of bigotry-tinged capitalism imposed upon this country. What scares me is the fact that  we have reached this dire point in the first place: why don’t we just ignore these people as the bigots they are? Surely as a nation we are better than such  vile, base politics.

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