We need a nonviolent artistic civil war

How does one start something as culturally severe as a full-on civiil war, only without the physical bloodshed? That’s what I now think  we need: a grass roots cultural uprising, as vigorous and passionate as a military conflict, only with nobody actually getting hurt. We urgently need to get a movement going to undo the damage caused by the referendum and kick Johnson and his  fellow scumsuckers out. We can’t afford to wait five years for another election as too much damage will have been done by then. We need to mobilise every art form we can think of – music, film, dance, the lot – to focus their efforts onto highlighting the stupidity of what the Tories  are doing. It needs to be concerted and it needs to be massive. Only then can we prevent them making even more of a mess. The question is, though, how do we get such a movement  started?

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