Way to begin a new decade, Trump!

The world now urgently needs to get a grip on America. The idiot in the White House obviously wants to play the tough guy, and distract people from the fact he’s being impeached, so he starts world war three. With absolutely no understanding of the consequences of his actions, Trump has ordered the assassination of an important foreign dignitary. The buffoon didn’t know what he was doing: he’s a failed businessman obsessed with his own image who’d be begging on the streets of New York had it not been for his father. Yet in an act of utter, utter stupidity, he was allowed into the most powerful office in the world. And now, putting his own shortsighted interests first, he has been allowed to throw a stick of dynamite onto a situation many far more intelligent people had been working years to balance. Surely we need to put pressure on America to grow up and get a proper leader who understands geopolitics, before Trump does something even more reckless and stupid. Were this any other country acting so brazenly, the international community would be jumping on them like a tonne of bricks. Why, then, should the US be allowed to get away with it?

Oh,  what a way to begin a new decade.

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