Stop the Festival of Stupidity

It may be from November, but I just came across this Guardian article flagged up on Facebook. The tories want to revive their  Festival Of Brexit idea,  and having won the election, no doubt they’ll definitely go ahead with it. They  want it to be in 2022, to coincide with the queen’s platinum jubilee (assuming she’s still around) and a few other anniversaries; and to echo the great  Exhibition of 1851.

I think this is a story I’ll be keeping an eye on. Of course, it’s utterly, utterly stupid: as the article points out, what’s the point of a festival to celebrate something which half the electorate are completely opposed to? It will alienate half the community. As many comments pointed out on facebook, for us Remainers it presents a focus for our protest and something we should try to stop. The same goes for the party Farage is apparently planning in parliament square.

Of course, such large public events interest me – remember how excited  I got about the 2012 Olympics? I must admit part of me is curious to see what they do. Nonetheless, given this festival will cost hundreds of millions of pounds to celebrate something I’m vehemently opposed to, I think we should work  hard to make sure this festival of stupidity never happens; or if it does, that it goes as catastrophically as possible.

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