Lightening in a Bottle

This is slightly lazy blogging perhaps, but if you want to watch quite a thorough, interesting video essay on MASH, as well as to see just how detailed and articulate media criticism on Youtube is becoming, I think this is worth checking out. In it, Ladynightthebrave takes a very detailed look at the classic American TV show, examining the cultural impact it had, it’s famed balance of comedy and tragedy, as well as a few of it’s flaws. As she says, MASH remains a classic of american comedy which still resonates powerfully. It had a lot to  say, speaking out on subjects in ways that modern shows seem to avoid. With characters like Hawkeye, Klinger and Radar, MASH had a power and  cultural weight which would be difficult to find in any comedy program today; it made comments which are still highly resonant. Perhaps that’s why people are still talking about it.

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