How am I going to watch Picard?

The biggest question on my mind today, after having been anticipating it for so long, is how am I going to watch Star Trek Picard? After having bought a Netflix subscription specifically to watch Discovery, only to find it was utter drivel, I’m reluctant to do the  same for Amazon Prime. The thing is, that is the very reason Amazon commissioned the Picard series in the first place: to get people hooked to their streaming service. As  passionate as I am to see Jean-Luc Picard captaining  a  starship again, I’m loathe to fall for such a trick, especially if it turns out to be as disappointing as Discovery was. (And from what I’ve been heaaring on the web, there’s a  good chance that could be the case). My dilemma thus remains, how am I going to watch  Picard?

2 thoughts on “How am I going to watch Picard?

  1. I’m unsure if Amazon have dropped the whole series or dropping an episode per week. If its the former, you can usually sign up for a months free trial. Sure you could blitz it in a month, then cancel your subscription. If its the latter, just wait till all episodes have dropped and get the trial.


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