Top of the mornin’ to ya

I just read that the Irish are now petitioning the EU to have Irish English replace British English as it’s primary working language. Of course, a lot of jokes abound about having to begin sessions with the phrase ”Top of the mornin’ to ya”, but the  gist of the argument is that, now the uk has left, switching to Irish English would be the most convenient because it will mean the least change. All the documents etc can stay in the same language. But I must admit my initial reaction was, wouldn’t the French be dying to convert the EU to french? We all know how proud the french are of their language*. But then you have to ask, why not German, Dutch, Finnish or Spanish? It would mean the European Comission having  to make an essentially arbitrary choice, so I suspect they’ll continue to use English. Plus, that will make things nice and easy for when we re-enter.

*French is already one of the EU’s official languages anyway.

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