Well Hall Pleasaunce

I really am starting to like this pleasant little corner of the capital I now call home. I just got in from my usual wander. This  afternoon I decided take a look  at Well Hall Pleasaunce. It’s a small park not far from my place; I came across it when I moved but hadn’t been in for a couple of months, despite going past it almost every day on my way up to the Town Centre. Today, though, the weather clear and the flowers just starting to bud, I decided to give it another look, going further  into the park; and what I found really was quite special: a well laid out formal garden with a large  ancient moat in the centre, with several pretty little streams running  through it. Well-maintained paths lead you around, practically demanding you follow them as they weave in and out of the flower beds and across the streams. The flowers aren’t out yet but you can tell that, come the spring, it will be absolutely stunning. And then, when you grow thirsty, the magnificent Tudor Barn pub is there too. It really is a pleasure to walk around, less than two hundred metres from where I am writing this. You can tell that a hell of a lot of work has gone into maintaining that little corner of London. Come the summer, I can see myself going there quite often.

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