Star Trek is far from finished

A couple of days ago Dom mentioned something  to me about seeing a poster for a new Star Trek  film or series  at a bus stop. At first I presumed that he was just talking about Picard, so I thought nothing of it. Shortly after, though, it cropped up again  on facebook, so I decided a Google was in order. And sure enough, two new series are now in the works, as well as  a new film. Although the latter seems like it will be set in the Abramsverse  (ie naff), the series will hopefully be more like the  Trek I  fell in love with as a child. When Enterprise got cancelled I feared we had seen  the last of star Trek; I now see how wrong  I was. Mind you, these more recent incarnations  have a long way to go before they return Trek to it’s TNG/DS9 heyday.

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