Bumping into Poppy

I was going  up into Eltham yesterday just for some refreshments, when across the road out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a young woman  waving madly  at someone from McDonalds. I didn’t recognise her at first and assumed she was waving at someone else, so I carried on. Yet the waving continued, and I couldn’t see anyone waving back: was she waving at me? My curiosity aroused, I  crossed the road to investigate. Who was this person?

”Hi Matt” I heard her say in a voice I recognised. I then realised it was Poppy, sister of my old University friend Charlotte. Completely at random, in a city of eight million people, we had bumped into  one another. I really love how such things happen sometimes. We chatted for a  while,  and it turns out she now teaches at a primary school not far away. What are the chances of that? After the obligatory selfie was sent to C, we agreed to meet up for a coffee or something soon. Yet  it amazes me to think that if I hadn’t been passing McDonalds at that precise moment, I’d never have known she was even in the area.

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