The blog must go on

You might have noticed that I like to keep my blog updated, posting at least every couple of days – it’s just good writing practice. Yet now I’m struggling. What is there to blog about? How can I waffle on about random  shit I find on the web when a large part of me thinks that all I ought to be thinking about is Lyn, and that writing about random shit would imply I had  forgotten about her.

And yet I must: Lyn wouldn’t want it otherwise. She would not want me to wallow around, getting melodramatic – she knew what a drama queen  I could be. Of course, the best way to remember her is for me to write about all the  wonderful times we had together, and the journeys we went on; or how I learned so much from her, and how she made me who I am now. I fully intend to  do that, yet as well as that I hope nobody minds if I drop in entries about my usual politics or media or humour – I don’t think Lyn would want it otherwise.

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