The Staggering Contradiction Of The Day

I’ll surely not be the only person to note the staggering contradiction in having a day  of commemorations, marking the end of  the bloodiest war ever, while simultaneously leaving the very institution founded to ensure such a conflict never happens again. Of course, I’ll probably join in what local celebrations there are later, as well as doing a bit  of sucking (as if I needed an excuse), but you cannot escape the fact that our leaving the EU pretty much undoes all the  progress made towards a peaceful Europe over the past 75 years. Indeed, one of the heroes of the moment, Churchill, promoted the foundation of a European Common Market to ensure cooperation across the continent. The Tories seem to want to use this day to ‘bring the nation together’, and  arouse some patriotic spirit by drawing parallels between the uk during the blitz and the current pandemic crisis; but, when you think about it, that is merely distorting  history to suit their own ends, which I find quite perverse.

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