Finding out where Lyn is

I heard back from Paul, Lyn’s brother, yesterday. I  had messaged him a few days ago, but it probably just took him a bit to get back  to me. Lyn’s funeral took place on May the Sixth, and was a small family event; her ashes are going to be spread at Eltham Cemetery.  It relieved me to be told that a bit: of  course I’m heartbroken that I couldn’t go to the funeral, but there is going to be a larger commemoration of Lyn’s life later  in the  year, and Eltham Cemetery is a short, pleasant walk from my new home, so I’ll be able to visit her, so to speak.

However, rolling there yesterday afternoon, I found the cemetery gates  shut and locked: you can currently only visit at weekends. Sat there, in  front of that notice in my powerchair, I felt like crying: Lyn  my best ever friend, the most  amazing person I’ll ever meet, was dead,  and  not only could I not attend her funeral, I  couldn’t visit the place where her remains are. It was a bleak, desperate feeling. To be honest for a few moments, I’d have given anything for a cuddle from my Mum or  Dad.

But they weren’t there.  Due to corronavirus I am  prevented from seeing them, just as the virus prevented me from attending Lyn’s funeral or going in to the cemetery. Yet it’s somehow alright, according to this government, for a public official to drive 200 miles for no good reason, even though he was infected. Sorry, but watching this snivelling piece of scum justify himself last night, blatantly lying his head  off, just hours after I had felt probably the bleakest emotion I had ever experienced, made my blood boil with rage. Do they not realise what the rest of us are going through, or do these people just not give a fuck?

One thought on “Finding out where Lyn is

  1. You are not alone. So many people have suffered from not being able to see people, go to funerals etc.
    Your account is so vivid. Have you written to your MP and to the PM? It´s really important that they know how you feel. I hope you get to visit the graveyard at the weekend.
    Best wishes, Elspeth


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