Would the Parrot Sketch work over Skype?

The beeb reported on their breakfast program that Take That got together for an online concert last night. I’m no fan of Take That, and those talentless old prats obviously just wanted to reclaim a bit of the fame they once had, but  the story got me thinking: if such online gigs can work for those guys, could other bands or comedy troupes do something similar? Could lockdown inaugurate a wave of such online reunion gigs? How cool would that be? We’ve already seen the bbc do a socially distanced edition of Comic Relief a few weeks ago; could we now see, say, the cast of Blackadder reunite? What  if Edina and Patsy from Ab Fab had a Champagne-fuelled Zoom meeting? Could Harry Enfield’s Kevin the (now thirty-something) teenager reappear. In these very uncertain times, everyone seems up for a bit of nostalgia: with everybody stuck at their computer desks more than ever, the conditions may be set for a wave of webcam-based comedy where we see old, familiar characters reappearing on computer screens. Who knows: unlikely though it is, I’m hoping we’ll see a socially  distanced reappearance of Monty Python, although I’m not sure how the Parrot Sketch would work over webcams.

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