How to get your adviser off the front pages

Say that  you’re the head of an increasingly unpopular government. There is growing anger at your main advisor for making a mockery  of a lockdown he himself set out the rules for. There are growing calls for his – and your – resignation. What do you do?

Easy!  Just ease the lockdown. The scientists might tell you it’s too early, but just ignore them: In the relief people feel in having a few of their past freedoms back,  people will forget all about the scandal. Despite having the highest mortality rate in  Europe, you’ll soon announce ‘victory over  the virus’. You and your mate will keep your jobs. Then, when the second wave of the epidemic arrives, probably brought on by easing lockdown too early, people will be too busy trying not to get ill to care about what about your advisor friend did. The scandal will have past, your adviser-friend will be off the newspaper front pages, and you can go back to  running the  country as if you own it. More people might die, but at least your ego will be safe.

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