PPE Problems

As of today I may have a bit of a problem. While I have been trying to avoid using public transport for months, there are times when it can’t be avoided. Yesterday, for instance,  I was out for my usual daily drive when, almost in Charlton Park, my powerchair tyre blew. Fortunately the bus connection from there to here is quite good, and I was able to come straight back  to Eltham. Apart from that, busses have been  no-go areas.

Yet from the fifteenth, if I needed to use a bus, I would need to wear a face covering. These days, though, I don’t know whether it’s because I drink too much coffee or what, but I dribble like Niagra bloody falls:  Any face mask I could wear would get soaked very quickly. It would be so sodden that it would probably be useless…and that’s assuming I manage to somehow get it on my face in the first place. Thus,  while I certainly see the necessity of these masks – the sooner this pandemic is over, the sooner the pubs, cafes and cinemas can reopen – I think it’s worth noting that the rules in place to  stamp it out could raise a few issues for the likes of myself.

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