Busses and masks

I still try to avoid using busses. Although lockdown is slowly being relaxed, I still think it’s wiser to use a bus only when I have  to. The problem is, wearing a facemask  is now mandatory on a bus, and that’s something I struggle with. A few days ago, I sent a  message to TFL to find out where I stood  on  the issue, and apparently I’m in the exempt group. While  that makes life a bit easier, I still think I should err on the side of caution.  Therefore, whenever I do need to take a bus, I make an effort to control my dribble, swallowing it regularly and wiping my chin. I cover my face whenever I cough, of course. While I am marginally  more likely to take the bus or tube these days, we’re still all in  this mess together after all, so even guys like me have to play our part too.

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