New Ipad cases

I recently bought a new Ipad. As I said a few  entries ago, my old one was on it’s last legs, and it was time for an upgrade. Having bought it, setting up my new device could barely have been easier: we just had to show my old one to my new one’s camera,  and all my settings and apps were transferred automatically. The problem was, my new  Ipad didn’t fit into my old  Ipad case, so we had to buy a  new one.

The Amazon delivery came the next day, but that’s when the fun started: it consisted of three pieces, a hard plastic case, a clear plastic screen and a  rubbery sock which enclosed both. There was an Amazon video showing you how to put it together, but try as he might, poor Serkan couldn’t get it right. He spent hours  and hours  on it – the video made it look far less fiddly than  it actually was. However we tried, it just didn’t look right. In the end, though, just as both our patiences were beginning to fail, this afternoon everything just seemed to click together, and I suddenly had a brand new Ipad in a pristine-looking, dribble-proof case.

With that, I went  for a walk, while Serkan went for a well deserved nap.

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