Are you threatening me?

I think this is a glimmer of the news we all need right now: Beavis and Butt-Head is to get a reboot. I remember laughing my head off when I first saw it, aged ten or so. I probably barely understood it, but it was the  first cartoon I had ever seen in which the characters swore. And when Cornholio was introduced, I was in stitches.  Mike Judge, the show’s creator, says it will be updated to reflect the contemporary world but retain the elements of  the original we loved. If you ask me, his timing couldn’t be  better: with so much misery and anger in the world, a bit of inane  stupidity is just what we need.

One thought on “Are you threatening me?

  1. In grad school I took several courses in Chinese art and literature. The prof had watched Bevis and Butthead at the request of her son. She thought they parallelled the tension between Lao Tzu and Confucious in Chinese philosophy. I can’t remember who was who.


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