Yesterday’s stupidity

I know I probably ought to note what I got up to yesterday on here, mostly as a warning to myself not to let it happen again.  Truth be told, I got carried away: after sorting an upcoming event out at school, I decided to take myself to a pub in Woolwich. After having a couple of beers there, I caught the bus home. I was fine at that point, if a bit hungry. Stupidly though, a couple of hours later I decided to take myself up into Eltham for a couple more, and I guess I overdid it: I remember leaving the pub, but I must have come out of my chair on the way back because the next thing I know I was lying in a hospital bed.

Utterly stupid I know. I spent the evening in hospital, before being taken home. I was bloody  lucky nothing was stolen or damaged. More to the point, I shouldn’t have wasted much needed NHS  resources like that. I suppose I just wanted to let off a little  steam after the  last few months, but I really, really shouldn’t be so stupid.

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