Great name for a scooter

I need to report the most amusing thing I’ve seen in days. I was just up at my local mobility shop, asking about my next powerchair service (note to parents: they’ll email me). Rather sillily for such a shop, there’s quite a big step to get in, so I had to wait outside and beckon the lady through the window to come out and help me. (Should I be concerned that, when she did, she greeted me with the words ”hello trouble”?) Waiting for her, I looked at the big powered scooters they sell, mostly to old people (real cripples drive powerchairs –  they’re far  more versatile  and practical). Through the shop window, I spotted the name of one of the big ones, and instantly  started laughing my head  off: it  was called The  Clarkson.  LMAO.. I wonder whether that petrol-headed nonce knows he’s now a granny-mobile! What a great,  great name for something that thinks it’s fast, but is actually quite  slow and annoying.

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