Just don’t ask

This evening basically finds us in the same position we were in this morning: there may well  have been  Russian  interference in the 2016 Referendum, only we can’t say definitively that there was because nobody bothered to find out. So despite compelling evidence that Brexit is a Putin-backed scam, we still can’t ask for it to be annulled. After all, that would make the tories look ridiculous: they announced the referendum in the first place, and they were the ones then forced to implement it’s moronic results when it backfired in their over-privileged faces. If  russia was found to have interfered in  the referendum, it would have made them look even worse. So what do they do  when confronted with the distinct possibility that they allowed Russia to meddle in uk internal affairs, leading to the biggest constitutional upheaval in decades? Just don’t ask whether Russia interfered.

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