Michael Palin to cameo on The Simpsons

Not that I’ve watched it in ages, but according to this, my all   time favourite tv presenter and traveller Sir Michael Palin will be appearing on The Simpsons.  ”The Monty Python star, 77, has already recorded his lines, according to Matt Selman, a writer and producer on the long-running animated show.” According to the article, the Simpsons producers tried to lure another member  of Python to also appear on the show; it doesn’t give much detail about the role Palin will have, so make of that what you will. Nonetheless, I think this is something to keep an eye on. The mind boggles at what they could have Sir Michael doing, and whether it could be related to any of his comedy or travel programmes. Maybe Homer decides to quit his job at the nuclear plant and become a lumberjack.

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