The adventures of Captain Switch

I came across something yesterday which I think could well be worth looking into. I hope he doesn’t mind me  mentioning it here, but on my friend Matt/Switch’s Facebook page, he had written a type of blog/diary entry about what he and his young family had been up to recently. What interested me was that it was written in the style of a Star Trek captain’s  log, so his wife Nicky was referred to as Commander Best-wife, and their young children became ensigns. What struck me  was how well done the writing was: trips were away  missions and  places became planets, so that at  the same time,  it felt like you were reading a piece of science fiction  while still being able to detect the  underlying reality behind it. Not only did this help ensure the necessary animosity Switch, as a young dad, would want, but it also reflected the surreal quality of the times we are going through. Thus as a piece of prose I found it stylistically very interesting indeed. Reality  was written about as fiction to produce something both playful and quite powerful.

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