My type of pub

I was out and about yesterday afternoon, crossing the southern edge of Blackheath, when I got caught in an absolutely torrential downpour. Too late to  turn back, I decided to carry on up the hill towards Lee to try to find some shelter. There, I came across The Old Tigers head. Something about it instantly caught my eye: it seemed old and new at the same time. No doubt it’s name was a leftover from the british raj, and  the architecture looked victorian or even earlier;  yet, from the lights and music coming from within, I sensed it also had a modern, trendy feel to  it.

I decided to go in. Unfortunately both main  entrances had big steps up to them, but I caught the eye of the woman behind the bar, who let me in the back door. I was instantly taken by it: there were pool tables, a stage for bands, and two tv screens, one of which was showing the Cricket. More to the point, as soon as I was seated and had a beer on the way, The Chariot by The Cat Empire began to play on the  speakers, the first time I had heard  Cat Emp playing in such a place. I asked the barlady if she knew the song, and she did. This was obviously my type of pub.

Lee isn’t far away,  easily reachable in my powerchair, and with a short, direct bus back if need be. I   can certainly see myself going there  again, if just to investigate a bit more of the place’s history.

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