Worrying divisions on the tube

I think we should be very concerned indeed about what we see in this video. I came across it late last night. In it, a racist halfwit is shown shouting his empty head off on a tube train. He obviously thinks highly  of himself, acting like cock of the walk. His fellow passengers tell him to shut up, but that only encourages him to spout more racist bile.  Things get so bad that a black  guy ends up punching the twit’s lights out.

While I admit that part of me thinks the racist p’tahk got what he deserved, we of course have to remember that  there is no place for  physical violence in society. The arrogant fool may have been asking it, acting like a big man simply because he was white, demanding that his racist views are now gaining validity and support; but being hit like that simply means he can now claim victimhood.  No doubt the scumbag will now sue TFL and claim to have been assaulted.

Moreover, what I find worrying is the clear yet growing social division underlying this video, with one group pitted against another: in a way, the other passengers on the train reflect as much hostility back onto the dickhead as he himself projected. Among some less well educated sectors of society, views like this are becoming popular, encouraged and given a type of credence by the right wing press and politicians: they allow the disenfranchised to feel powerful and superior. They lack the wealth and education of others, so fall back on their ethnicity as a source of pride. The problem is. when more educated, liberal people try to push back  against this trend, it only  opens the social divisions even further, and uneducated fools like this start claiming to be being oppressed by ‘elites’. That in turn ingrains their racist views even further.

The referendum in 2016 lifted the lid on this problem. Many people like this guy saw the Leave ‘win’ as giving  a green light to their views: as  they see it, the fact that they won means they were right all along, and others must now listen to their intolerent bile. That’s why we see them becoming more cocky, arrogant and self-assured. The problem is, this is more likely to enrage others, making incidents like the one in this video more likely.

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