Not just Cricket

Needless to say, I was rather disappointed in the outcome of the cricket yesterday: after reaching that huge total on Saturday and then making India follow on, England  should have won easily. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. We should now all be enjoying warm August sun, but instead we had a torrential storm. When you recall that just three or four weeks ago, we were all complaining about how unusually hot it was, it’s hard not to get the impression that something very, very strange is happening with our weather.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that global warming is now a reality, the effects of which go far beyond test matches. We are now seeing exactly the kind of extreme weather the scientists predicted.  More carbon in the atmosphere means more energy  in the weather system, resulting in everything up there becoming more extreme (something like that, anyway). But instead of trying to do something about it, the present leader of the world’s biggest economy refuses to admit it is even happening. As Noam Chomsky explains here,  the way in which Trump  and others carry  on polluting the atmosphere, prioritising their  own money making over the need  to repair the environment, make them the most dangerous people ever. The Greenland ice sheet is shrinking, but Trump authorises oil drilling in nature reserves.

Something must be done, surely. Donald Trump isn’t just a danger to America  but the whole world; he embarrasses all humanity with  his greed and arrogance.   We should all be very concerned indeed about what happens there in November; the world cannot afford four more years of this self serving piece of shit in the  White House. Yet with Trump openly admitting that he won’t accept any result other than his victory, this just isn’t cricket.

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