The death of the cinema?

Given the subject of my MA I suspect everyone is expecting me to write something about the forthcoming closure of cinemas, but what can I say? Of course I’m depressed, but what can you do about it? I was looking forward to watching No Time To Die as much as any other Bond fan, and hearing it has been delayed yet again, after already waiting so long to see it, made me sigh such a deep, pained sigh. Yet in a way we all knew it was coming; it is typical for this woe-begotten, crappy year. If the government put as much into preserving the cinema and theatre industry as they put into the pub and brewery industry, things might be different; but the Tories get a hefty chunk of their donations from pubs, and not much from the arts. The cinemas have therefore been left to close, taking with them a vibrant, valuable aspect of our culture. We’re left to watch films online, longing for the day when we can go back into a nice, big, cinema screening room, perhaps with a few friends, take our seats, wait for the lights to dim, and then be carried away to places where only the cinema can take us.. There is something peculiar to the cinema which enhances the viewing experience, which is why, as explained here, EON chose to once again postpone the release of No Time To Die until the Spring. Until then we must wait, hoping that cinemas, like so many other things, survive the winter.

4 thoughts on “The death of the cinema?

      1. There’s one left here – a relic from the 1950’s, which has had a bit of a revival during the pandemic.
        Too bad you’re heading into winter. A pop-up outdoor cinema would be just the thing.

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  1. Dinah and I went to the cinema last week (Paris suburbs), the first time in six months. I was reluctant, being over 70 and therefore at risk, and said that if it was too crowded we would leave. In the end, there were just ten people in the room!
    This was a heavily subsidised municipal cinema. I can’t see the private cinemas lasting long if this goes on.

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