All right, I admit I can be a bit of a numpty on here sometimes. Before writing yesterday’s entry, I should have checked what I was talking about. When I got to my computer earlier, there were a couple of emails (I won’t say from whom) reminding me that James Doohan was Canadian not Scottish; that Dominik Keating, who played Lieutenant Malcolm Reed in Enterprise, is from Leicester; and that Jason Isaacs is also British. I genuinely didn’t know about Scotty and Keating slipped my mind, but I must admit I ought to have remembered about Isaacs, having been watching Discovery so recently.

Oh well, in the grand scheme of things I don’t think such small mistakes matter, and are easily corrected. What concerns me more though is the way in which, these days, people seem less and less willing to correct their selves. Online especially, people are growing more and more belligerent. Even when faced with clear evidence, they refuse to admit they were wrong. This applies especially to politics, and the prime example is what is happening in America right now. I may have made a few silly mistakes in my blog entry yesterday, but at least I’m not refusing to concede an election I obviously did not win.

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