A truly sickening act

I defy any thinking, intelligent person to read this or this and not to be utterly, utterly appalled. In his dying days as president, Trump has sanctioned the executions of five people, the first time a lame duck president has done so in over a century. They are all scheduled to take place before Joe Biden’s inauguration. How can anyone be so cruel, callous and spiteful? You know you’re leaving office, so one of the last things you do is use your executive power to send five people to their deaths. I find that sickening. Trump knows Biden, like any rational person with anything resembling a conscience, opposes capital punishment, so he uses the last glimmers of his authority to carry out these acts of pettiness. How can anyone sink so low? When I first saw this earlier it made me feel sick, and has been on my mind ever since. It really shows you what a monstrous, vile person Donald Trump is. He really is an utter disgrace to human civilisation.

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