Obvious Truths

It really is quite staggering when you think about it: how can educated, intelligent people elected to govern a country, be so delusional that they think an international body comprised of twenty-seven other states would just roll over and compromise it’s integrity by allowing one state to leave without facing any consequences? How can the Tories even think that the EU would let thee UK leave but retain all the advantages of membership? can they not see that there is no way the EU will let us both have our cake and eat it, because it would make membership meaningless? It would simply cause Outist movements across the continent to spring up with equally ridiculous demands, and pretty soon the future of the entire European project would be under threat. It’s blatantly obvious, even to a naive dunce like me, that there is no way that the EU can let the tories get their way, so why are they persisting in the delusion that they can? Or put another way, why are the Tories continuing to patronise the country by refusing to admit the blindingly obvious: Brexit will ruin the country if it isn’t abandoned and we retake our place in the EU?

2 thoughts on “Obvious Truths

  1. Hi Matt, you claim to be ‘liberal’ and ‘intelligent’, and you clearly are smart given your university achievements. Yet you rant about people being unintelligent and intolerant. So can I flag up a couple of things from your previous posts.

    1. You claimed COVID wasn’t very important. Indeed, despite Government warnings about isolating if you had symptoms, you went to a GP surgery to try to get a test despite having symptoms?

    2. Your former partner Lyn went to see David Icke. He is a racist conspiracy theorist. You said you were looking forward to seeing what she had to say about him.

    If you want to rant about people. Fine. But take a close look at yourself first.



    1. Firstly, where did I say covid was unimportant? of course it’s important – it has ruined thousands of lives. To my knowledge I have never had symptoms, but wanted to be tested to make sure I was ok. Second, I know full well Icke is a racist, antisemitic piece of shit who exploits naive people like Lyn to make money. I’d never heard of him until Lyn introduced me to him, but when I looked into him I was appalled. I tried to talk lyn out of liking him, but she was quite stubborn. I had to respect her opinions. Hope this clears things up.


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