Blame the Tories

Just how arrogant and self important do you have to be to think that a well-established coalition of twenty-seven other nations would just roll over and give in to the demands of one lone nation? How deluded do you have to be to think that we could leave the European Union, but retain all the advantages of membership? Surely no serious, well-informed person would think that the UK was so important to the EU that it would just give in to all our demands, effectively driving a wrecking ball through the very idea of membership. And yet here we are, about to crash out of the EU without a deal, forced through by people clinging to those very delusions. In the months or years of hardship which will now surely follow, we must never loose sight of the fact that Brexit was started by a Tory trying to silence the Euroscaptics in his own party, and then forced upon us by tories who could see how damaging Brexit will be, but chose to proceed with it rather than ruin their party’s credibility. They alone are to blame for this utter, utter mess.

The European Union is about people across the continent putting aside the divisions of the past and working as one. In an act of colossal stupidity and arrogance, the Tories are about to break the UK off from that peace project in the name of sovereignty and nationalism. How can anyone be so clearly detached from reality, yet still be permitted to govern a country? Brexit ruins all our futures, but these selfish, arrogant disgraces to humanity do not care. While nobody must be hurt or killed, I honestly think Brexit must now be resisted as vehemently as a subjugated country under a force of occupation. Our rights are under direct threat; Brexit cannot be allowed to stand.

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